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Recently, i met my friend Tan, and his girl friend Fione, who called me up for Tea section (Yum Cha). They get to know that i’m a SEO consultant and i did help few of our friends to optimize their websites and they are now ranked in quite prominent position. Both of them are now selling handmade gift and craft material through facebook. And they would like to setup a website to sell their products.

It was a casual meet up, we chit-chat along and i share with them on some SEO techniques. Suddenly, Tan’s girl friend Fione said “We should meet you earlier, because what you have shared with us are more than what we learned from an Internet Marketing course!”. Then i asked “Internet marketing course?”. “Yes, my friend recommended us to attend a SEO course, which conducted by a famous Internet Marketing Coach. We have spend few hundreds per person, but what we learn were far more less than you have shared to us just now.”

And they told me that that company provides courses for SEO, Internet Marketing and even course on “How to make money from Internet?”.

I took out my smartphone, and search for the keyword “SEO Consultant” and “SEO coach” in Google.com.myInternet-Marketing-Coach, but the coach they mentioned are not in Top 10. I asked them, “How can a SEO coach failed to rank in top 10 for both keywords, but he/she can give you a course on SEO?” Tan and Fione then showed me another keywords that contained the coach are ranked in Top 1 in Google.com.my.

I look at the website and the coach on the result page. Then I smile and look at Tan and Fione, “I’m not going to comment on this coach, but i would like to comment on their website.

1. If the coach / the company is serious in SEO or Internet Marketing business, you shouldn’t see any ads in their website. Because it hurts the company image, and what’s more, their income should from consultation or coaching, not ads. But i see a Google Adsense there….

2. The front page of the website is overwhelming by too many contents, animated banner and images. You will easily get lost once landed in the front page, and this is not a good website design, especially for an Internet Marketing Coaching company.

3. Too many links in a page. That not just messy, and it also bring the visitor to nowhere if you follow the link. Bad website design and SEO skills!”

At the end of our chit-chat session, i told Tan and Fione “Let’s have another session, and i will guide both of you how to kick start your business through website. But always remember, this is not how to make money from internet, no one will ever teach you that. For me, physical outlet or virtual online store are same. If you are serious, hardworking and always give the best service and support to your customers, you will make money! “

SEO – Guarantee Page 1 in Google

In earlier, i wrote about the common SEO package in Malaysia, which is SEO Packages with money back guarantee. Now, i will disclose on how do they so confident and able to offer such package with money back guarantee

When you sign up a SEO package with them, they promise to you that they will be at least 2 keywords out of 5 will ranked in Page 1 in Google Search Result Page. Failure of doing it will result them refund the money to you. Everything is written black and white in the contract so there is nothing that you need to worry.


So now, the SEO company will start optimizing your keywords within 4-6 months that written in the contract. What if they failed to do it, will they tell you up front and refund the money to you? Of course they won’t! If they fail to optimize your keyword in 4-6 months, what they will do it to purchase the Google Adwords (PPC). And there ensure the bidding price will let your keyword ranked in Page 1, when you run the search in Google Search Engine.

But wait, isn’t that is SEM and not SEO? Well, no most of the people can differentiate SEO and SEM (Google Adwords). Even they do, in the contract stated that, your keyword will ranked in Page 1 , and yes, it is in Page 1!

It is same in the maintenance period, where they have to ensure those keywords ranked in Page 1 during the service of the contract (1 year). If the keyword dropped out of Page 1, they will purchase the Google Adwords for you. Then they will optimize the keyword to back to Page 1 again. Once it is in Page 1, they will stop running the Google Adwords. But in most scenario, they don’t give a damn on it. Because customer never check the keyword ranking regularly. So if they customer found out their keywords are not in Page 1, they will immediately bid for the Google Adwords to make the keyword appear on Page 1.

You found cheated? Well, not really to me. Because the cost of the Google Adwords are on them, no additional charge on you! Just there is no chance for you to claim for refund, even you found out that the whole SEO campaign is not effective at all.

SEO vs SEM (Google Adwords)

Some people confused about SEO and SEM. SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, and SEM stand for Search Engine Marketing. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a Search Engine Results naturally or organic. While SEM (Google Adwords) is where you purchase for specific keywords and your website (ads) appear on the Search Engine Result Page when someone search for those keywords.

Below is the Search Engine Result Page when i search for keyword “Web hosting”. Those in the Red Boxes are SEM (Google Adwords) and in Green Box is SEO. And all of them show in First Page.


So now, you should have better idea about SEO and SEM.

SEO – Keywords Domain Name

domain-nameIn SEO, one of the element to rank better in Search Engine, is the domain name that contained the keyword(s) that you want to optimize. For example, your have a company name Advance Office Trading, and your business is about selling Office Stationary, it is good to have the keyword “Office” or “Stationary” in your domain name. Of course, it would be great if your domain name is “OfficeStationary.com” or “Office-Stationary.com”. I’m using dot com gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) as an example here. However, you can also use the extension you like such as .NET, .BIZ or even your own country ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) such as OfficeStationary.com.my or OfficeStationary.com.sg. Google does put some weight on the domain name that contained the keyword(s) that you want to optimize. However, it doesn’t mean that owning a domain name such “OfficeStationary.com.my” will easily ranked you site on high SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in Google.com.my. There are still more works to do.

what-domain-nameAnother great reason to have the keyword(s) in your domain name is the ease of remember and ease of pronounce. When you tell someone about your domain name, it is easy for them to remember the generic words – OfficeStationary.com.my, rather than using your own company name – Advance-Office-Trading.com or AdvanceOfficeTrading.com or AOT.com (if you manage to get it! 😉 ). And ease of pronounce would avoid miss-spell of your domain name.

ps : Being a domainer, i would suggest everyone to register the domain name that contained their company name. This is to avoid some one register those domain name and pretend as the owner of the company. Which end up in the very bad situation. I have also seen domain squatter that register those company domain name, and waiting the company to buy back from them.

SEO Packages with money back guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee SEOIn Malaysia, SEO provider likes to offer package their service into different plan for client. Some common plan like Guarantee 2 Keywords out of 5, Guarantee 3 keywords out of 7 or Gurantee 4 keywords out of 10, to rank in Top 10 (First page in SERP – Search Engine Result Page) in Google.com or Google.com.my with money back guarantee!

Let’s take the 1st common plan – Gurantee 2 keywords out of 5. The SEO provider promise that out of the 5 keywords that client requested keywords, they will ensure 2 keywords ranked Top 10 in the said Search Engine (Google.com.my or Google.com). In most case, those keywords are suggested by SEO provider, which they claimed are highly suitable for client after study their nature of business as well as client products and services.

So, what are those keywords that the SEO provider used to propose to their client? I get to know a SEO provider love to propose keywords to their client that contained “Provider”, “Supplier”, “Manufacturer” and “Company”. e.g. If the client is selling Office Equipments, this provider will propose keywords such as “Office Equipment Provider” , “Office Equipments Provider”, “Office Equipment Supplier”, “Office Equipments Supplier”, “Office Equipment Company”, “Office Equipments Company”.

You might noticed that some keywords are similar, the only different is the plural form of Equipment, that is Equipments. However, in SEO, these are 2 different keywords. Let’s back to our scenario, the provider has proposed 6 keywords to the client and they will try to convince the client that those are the keywords that best fit to their nature of business. If the client insist to have generic keyword such as “Office Equipment”, they will tell the customer that the conversion rate is very low. Because whoever search for the Office Equipment, it just the internet user who wants to know more about Office Equipment, but not potential buyer. Potential buyer will search for specific keywords like “Office Equipment Supplier” or “Office Equipment Provider”. However, from what i understand, those proposed keywords are easy to optimize and low search volume.

So now, client agree with the keywords and the SEO provider will work out a sales contract. Under this contract, SEO provider will need 4 – 6 months time to optimize the at least 2 keywords to the said position (Top 10). If they fail to do it in the said time, they will refund 100% back to client. However, if they managed to optimized 1 keyword, they will only refund 50% back to client, or, they will request another 1 – 2 months time to optimize another keyword into Top 10.

In the case of the SEO Provider has managed to optimize 2 keywords and above into top 10. Client will now go into maintenance period, which is usually 12 months long. Under this maintenance period, they will ensure at least 2 keywords are maintained in top 10. If not, they will refund back to you.

Wow, this is sounds great, don’t you think. Well, i would suggest you to look closely on the contract on this clause. As far as i know, they will only refund the money to you when you are able to give them the proof showing that some of the keywords are not rank in top 10 for 45 or 60 days. So, how are you going to proof it? Will you check your ranking daily? If yes, do you screen capture the result every day? I guess you are not. And with that, so sorry, no refund to you!

So, what’s the point of getting a SEO plan that give you money back guarantee?? For me, this is just another sales technique.

The born of cdboyz.com

Hi, my name is cdboyz. I was a SEO consultant in Malaysia that helps my client to optimize their website to be ranked in Google.com.my, as well as Google.com (that depends on their business requirement)

In this blog, i will give tutorial on SEO, and also share my experience as a SEO Consultant when i would need to work with other SEO Provider in Malaysia.